By James Grant
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Intellectual honestly and rigour

This is the online home of James Grant

This site is dedicated to a critical analysis of the law. It is driven by intellectual honesty in seeking to reveal the law as it is. In addition, by considering the work that we need the law to do, to consider what the law ought to be.

The site will host:

  • A free textbook on criminal law, “Critical Criminal law”, by James Grant, which is due to be expanded and updated at least annually;
  • A section for interesting or important recent judgments together, where possible, with a summary of the significance of the decisions;
  • A section for anyone who would like to contribute articles or notes written in this critical style, on any topic in law or any field which informs the law. Articles and notes will be subject only to basic editorial controls. Submissions will not be subjected to “peer-review”. Instead, we will rely of the algorithms that direct enquiries on the internet to assist readers in deciding if your contribution is worth considering.

This site has been under construction twice, and has crashed and all has been lost. Still we will try again – this time with careful backups.

There is therefore, lots to do and lost to see. So watch this space.

-James Grant

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