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Some people are wondering whether an accused person may be identified before he or she has appeared in court and pleaded. The short answer is no – she of he – to the extent to which she or he is an accused – may not be identified. This follows from reading sub-section 154(2)(b) with sub-section […]

James Grant[1] Introduction The recent decision of the Constitutional Court in Minister of Justice v Prince[2](“MOJ v Prince”)was met with ululation in court. The Court found decisively in favour of the private use, cultivation and possession of cannabis – in private. The decision went to far for some, and not far enough for others. It […]

Bail before one’s first appearance

Posted: 3rd October 2018 by jamesgrantlaw in Criminal Procedure

If one is arrested one may be permitted on bail – before one’s first appearance in court. These instances should be regarded as exceptions to the rule that one may apply for bail at one’s first appearance.[1] They fall into two categories and are known as either “police bail” or “prosecutor bail”. Both categories are […]