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Some people are wondering whether an accused person may be identified before he or she has appeared in court and pleaded. The short answer is no – she of he – to the extent to which she or he is an accused – may not be identified. This follows from reading sub-section 154(2)(b) with sub-section […]

It is critical to observe that the Zondo commission of inquiry into allegations of state capture is designed to unearth the truth. But truth alone – as we are learning – is not enough. Some of us want justice. I am with them. Whoever stole the rainbow needs to give it back and be punished. […]

Section 204 (of the criminal Procedure act – below) may be what a witness such as Agrizzi might be hoping to rely on in any criminal trials which follow on the State Capture Commission. It must be read with section 203 (below) which recognises the right of a witness not to answer self-incriminating questions. Section […]

227 Evidence of character and previous sexual experience

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227 Evidence of character and previous sexual experience (1) Evidence as to the character of an accused or as to the character of any person against or in connection with whom a sexual offence as contemplated in the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act, 2007, is alleged to have been committed, shall, […]

In 1968 Herbert Packer published a text that described two different ways of looking at the criminal justice system: The crime control model vs The due process model. The crime control model is one which people tend to adopt when crime is prevalent and they have started to think that criminals enjoy more rights than […]

The Dagga Docket Decisions

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The Davis J decision in “Prince 2” in the Western Cape High Court: Prince 2 MArch 2017 The Constitutional Court decision in the confirmatory proceedings that followed: CC on Prince 2 (18 Sept 2018)

This is advice I had to give recently to someone in the middle of an especially dark night in a police station where the law meant nothing and the mention of it was treated with contempt. That night both I and the victim walked out of the station alive. The police had nearly killed him […]

Zuma Docket – cases and materials

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[UNDER CONSTRUCTION: More to follow] This is an attempt to pull together the cases and materials regarding the prosecution of President Zuma on 783 charges of fraud: The judgment in respect of which Mr Zuma has applied for leave to appeal to the SCA – to be heard today (14 Sept 2017): DA v ZUMA […]

PhD Thesis: Responsible Mind

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Section 4 of the Protection of Information Act 84 of 1982: [office src=”″ width=”650″ height=”800″]