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James Grant[1] Introduction The recent decision of the Constitutional Court in Minister of Justice v Prince[2](“MOJ v Prince”)was met with ululation in court. The Court found decisively in favour of the private use, cultivation and possession of cannabis – in private. The decision went to far for some, and not far enough for others. It […]

It is critical to observe that the Zondo commission of inquiry into allegations of state capture is designed to unearth the truth. But truth alone – as we are learning – is not enough. Some of us want justice. I am with them. Whoever stole the rainbow needs to give it back and be punished. […]

Many spectacular and sensational claims have been levelled at Oscar Pistorius in the media: that he has a bad temper, threated to break someone’s legs, is obsessed with firearms, fired a gun out of his sunroof, and another in a restaurant, was in illegal possession of ammunition and browsed pornographic websites on the night that […]

In order to understand the defence of Oscar Pistorius to the charge of murder against him, it is necessary to have reference to the general requirements of criminal liability (see the overview on this site). In particular, one must have reference to the requirement that the fault requirement of criminal liability must extend or relate […]

If I shoot a gun at a particular person, but I miss, the law recognises that the bullet may easily come to rest in a wall, a tree, or fall harmlessly to the ground somewhere. It could also, of course, strike another person – and this is where things get interesting. This is known in […]